Luxembourg turns out to be first nation to make all public transport free

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Luxembourg free public transport

In an attempt to reduce traffic jams, Luxembourg has become the first nation in the world to make all public transport free from February 29. This is the first time that the decision to offer free public transport has covered an entire country, the transport ministry said.

The decision has been observed in Luxembourg so as to bring down the congestion on streets, AFP reports. As a result of this decision, every person will be able to save around 100 euros ($110) per year.

The free public transport system, however, does not include first-class travel tickets on trains and certain night bus services.

People mostly travel in Luxembourg in their private cars while as per a survey conducted in 2018, bus is only used for 32 per cent of trips to work. Trains, on the other hand, account for 19 per cent, AFP reports.

The reason for congestion on streets has also been attributed to the construction of a tram that often leads to traffic jams in Luxembourg. The construction work has been ongoing for several years. Although a section of the tram has been operating since 2017, the construction work will continue till the entire area plan is complete.

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