How to Keep Your Old Dog Healthy and Happy

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how to make an old dog happy

Are you looking for some awesome ways to keep your dog happy and healthy? You’ve come to right place i will show you how to make a old dog happy and healthy.

1. Adjust diet of your old Dog

For old  dogs, the need to keep tabs on their health is crucial. Many older dogs have chronic health issues that can be affected or improved by the diet you feed.  Keep certain foods out of reach

For some old dogs, frequent smaller meals will keep them happy and satisfied. For others, it’s about keeping things the same as before. Some old dogs may need more fibre, protein or other nutrients to ensure their bodies are taken care of.

how to make an old dog happy

2. Give daily massages to old Dog

Giving daily massages also lets your dog know that you simply still love him and he’s still important. This way they will feel more happy as well. Massage relieves stress
old dog massages


“It’s such a little thing to offer, and 10 minutes of your time can mean so much to them,” she says.


3. Use joint supplements.

I noticed a dramatic improvement in Toby’s mobility once I gave him glucosamine supplements for dogs, which you’ll purchase online or from your veterinarian. Another supplement you’ll get in capsule form is turmeric, a spice with anti-inflammatory qualities.


4. Healthy outdoors exercises

Dog love outdoors as much as you love so walk alone with your old dog and go to new parks and find a new bus in your area to enjoy with your dogs. many dogs love water and while swimming they feel more happy. A life jacket can help your dog stay longer in the water.


5. Dog Sports

With so many dog sports to choose from, you and your old dog can try a variety of activities or stick with your favorites.  Old dog love  flyball, dock diving, Schutzhund, and Rally.


6. how much old Dogs love YouTube

It’s amazing to know old dogs love YouTube – not just starring thereon , but also watching it. Pups love watching videos of other dogs and cats . Pull up a computer and find a playlist of fun doggy videos.


7. Family yoga 

Downward Dog indeed! Canines can tell when you’re stressed, so it’s beneficial for both of you to form sure you’ve got your vital sign down. Doing weekly yoga reception isn’t only great for your body and mind, but it also provides your pup with many new obstacle courses to play with!


8. Leave your windows open

Seriously , we can’t spend all of day with our pets, because  we have work, grocery shopping and other adult responsibilities. But your dog has his responsibilities too, mainly to look, hear and smell. Keeping the windows open while you’re gone ensures that your pup can stay stimulated. Just make sure you have secure screens on your windows if your pup is more likely to hop out.


9. Brush old Dog teeth Regularly 

I know he won’t like that now, but his healthy teeth and gums 10 years down the line will so brush your old dog’s teeth regularly.


10. Buy him a new collar Today

Final Words

Give Love and care of your dog as much as you can they will more happy and healthy. They will live like a king of the kingdom.  I hope you like our article kindly share with your friends and family.

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